Saturday 6 July 2013

Curzon Hall

Few opportunities to take more photos!

Dilly's Wedding

So our great friend Dilshan is getting married today. We thought we'd get some photos together. Congrats to Dilly and Anita

Friday 5 July 2013

Amazon delivery

My Amazon universal power strip arrived today. This thing is a little beast. I'll be able to use it overseas and plug upto 3 plugs into it and the whole thing cost me less than $30 inc. Delivery!!! I was a bit worried when amazon said it would arrive on the 17th, one day before i leave but it arrived 12 days earlier than expected. Cheering

Work lunch

Things have changed a little at work!!
We're now okay to wear casual clothes on fridays :D wooohoo. So i took this opportunity to wear a tshirt jeans and my lacoste shoes.. feeling very comfy right bout now while im having my lunch - Heinz steak and mushroom as well as satay noodles. Deliciously yumm

Sunday 30 June 2013

First Post!

I'm excited about starting a blog. My trip to the states is the reason I'm starting one.. or it's just an excuse, I'm sure I'll continue to blog right after my trip. After seeing my friend Shak blog for the past 5+ years ( I thought it was time for me to follow in his steps and create one too. I work in I.T., go to Uni studying Business Information Systems and find joy in cars, heading to the cinemas, ebay shopping haha and nights out on weekends.. Also who could forget travelling.. First step would be for me to change my link on this blog from blogspot to Just gotta wait for my domain purchase to go through. YEAAA BUDDY!! Leggo