Saturday 28 June 2014

Semester 1 2014 finished.. not long left now

Sem 1. 2014 Macq. Uni demolished.. Feeling great and now we only have 6.5 more weeks before we're in the states soaking up the sun.

Friday 27 June 2014

This food's gonna..

This food's gonna help me get 8 hours of sleep tonight.. Brown Rice, Chicken and mushrooms, carrot, water and a FERRERO ROCHER to make things just that much sweeter ;-) bring on the sleep.

(FEC) Final Exam Countdown

So there's a little under 15 hours left before my final exam of sem 1 2014.. and after hours of studying I now wanna procrastinate... Doing this for a better future but we all know it sucks to study when you can be doing more proactive things. Employment Law is interesting but not when you have to cram.. thank god we're allowed to take our notes and textbook into the 3 hour exam hahaha. Time to push some weights to clear my head for a sunny morning tomorrow.